Shastri Nagar Branch , Gorakhpur , India.

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        "An educational system is worth a great deal if it teaches young minds how to make a life rather than just making a living."

Late Shri Pradeep Kumar Srivastava was a great visionary personality; it was his dream to open a well-equipped educational institute with all modern teaching facilities. He always used to say. The basic of discipline should be mutual love between the teachers and the students. There should be no element of fear because discipline based on fear does not serve its end. On the basis of respect alone mutual confidence may be created between the teachers and student, the spirit of which is the permanent and true foundation of self discipline.

Has been seen that the students become aggressive or destructive if they are left idle. Usually the students become more destructive if the school cannot provide the necessary means for physical, mental and moral development the standard of teaching in the school should be of higher degree. Ignite Empower

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